out of egypt, into the Great Laugh of Mankind, and i shake the dirt from my sandals as i run

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

five songs about this dream i had

hi kids! [do you like violence?]

the essex green - don't know why (you stay)
yeah, let's start things off right today.

blur - sweet song
turn back the clock!!!!!!!! (to 2003)

built to spill - carry the zero
haven't found a leak of their new album yet (anyone?), but in the meantime i still like this song better than almost anything else, ever

eels - losing streak
this song is pretty much about the same thing that every eels song is about

neko case - star witness
remember when "i like basically everything except country" was such a big thing?

I like basically everything, except country!

cold hands, warm heart

I know I've posted some average music videos in the past. That will not be the case today! I swear to you.

death cab - crooked teeth
during the three-and-a-half minutes of this video, it's okay to like death cab for cutie again. a lot. directed by Rob Schrab, visionary behind countless awesome things (Heat Vision and Jack, Twigger's Holiday, etc)

the thrills - the irish keep gate-crashing
turns out that waverly films, the brooklyn group behind Puppet Rapist (now #1 at channel 102) is a pretty prolific collective. this might be my favorite thrills song. oh, speaking of waverly,

brendan benson - cold hands (warm heart)
awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. (directed by the star of puppet rapist!)

the pipettes - your kisses are wasted on me
the video is good, but mostly it's a trick to get you to listen to the song. I wish I didn't have to trick you. make sure you watch past the 40 second mark!

five songs coming in like 20 minutes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

history in tha makin yall

because my memory of sunday's Michael Clayton mid-shoot party is largely a haze, I can't provide you with the details of the karaoke dance-off between George Clooney and the 2nd 2nd AD. I can only tell you that such a dance-off did take place, and I was there, and I took a bad photo of it. GC is most definitely pointing in my direction.

clooney, background; 2nd 2nd, foreground

Saturday, March 11, 2006

worst (best) industry ever

here's the one thing you should know about the film industry: it sucks. and sometimes there are perks. two things. two things you should know about the film industry.

anyway, tonight (this morning) I worked till 6:30 am. BUT - I left with a free bottle of whiskey originally intended, as you can see, for actor Tom Wilkinson.

imdb the name of the guy you are sending free
booze to before you misspell his name

That's literally a TWENTY DOLLAR value!!!!! I am saving left and right by taking famous people's booze. here's my head next to it so you can get an idea of scale:

That is literally an AVERAGE-SIZED bottle of jack! free! look how fucking stupid it made my face!

I took a swig (I took two) and went to bed.

seen your video

it's Friday night/Saturday morning, 3:30 in the am, and I'm at work. how awesome is that? anything for clooney, man.

here are some videos I've been meaning to post for a while. ready?

- some super awesome girl giving a great shoutout on the news during mardi gras.

- a clip from michel gondry's upcoming the science of sleep. what?

- the trailer for an upcoming documentary about the danielson famile. we met the dude making this outside after a sufjan show last summer. apparently my caustic and technically "mean" comments are not in his film. but haley's in the trailer, at about 2 minutes. right after sufjan! not fair.

- video for a remix of a beck's "girl". the remix is better than the original. the remix video is... more colorful than the original. you pretty much can't go wrong as long as that song is playing in the background, though.

happy watching, sucker!