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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

by the way

I spent a few hours the other day switching all the music links in past five songses from EZArchive over to MediaMax, which is a site that actually works. So, there's that.

five songs - exposed lies edition

Below: Dave does an uncanny impression of me talking about a blog. (Insipred by Domino's astonishing Show Us Your Brooklyn Style contest)

Bonus points for getting the details right: the way I talk really fast when I'm excited about something, my tendency to use my hands expressively but not very effectively, my delusions both about commerce and morality, the way I'm always talking about Pitchfork (really?), and my habit (that I picked up at Harvard?) of using phrases like "critical lens" in everyday converation. Acting!

People, the implication is clear. I'm found out. All joking aside, I'm a fraud. Anyway here's a few songs I must have stolen from Pitchfork.

Beirut - Elephant Gun
Part of me feels bad about lavishing any more attention on a band (person?) that's already gotten an inappropriate amount of praise for a really tiny body of work. (I bought their album and it's, you know, okay.) But they do have a new EP, and I haven't heard it yet, but I have heard this, 28 times according to iTunes.

Page France - Windy
This summer I was barely convinced to see Page France on a whim in the basement of Union Hall. Listen to me, Page France: your band's name is off-putting. I almost didn't come to the show because of it. I did, and then I bought your CD, and it's one of the best I've heard all year, but I almost didn't come to the show. I think you should consider this.

Hot Chip - Sexual Healing
Not better than the original, but this is not the goal. I'm starting to think that Hot Chip is one of those bands that can do no wrong

The Spinto Band - Direct to Helmet
There were two Lupe Fiasco tracks I was deciding between for song 4, but I couldn't decide so I was just like fuck it, they're getting another band of white guys. But the lyrics are clever, so it's almost like rap?

The Magic Numbers - This Is A Song
I think the obviousness of the Magic Numbers actually makes them harder to get into - it's definitely the reason the indie establishment doesn't give them a lot of hype, and it's admittedly why I stayed away from them for a while. But friends!! Enough!!! Throw off your shackles!!!! I have given you an entry point!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Channel 102

Jess and Mr. Jon Golbe and I tossed off a 3-minute pilot last week for Channel 102 - it made it into the screening, and got just enough votes last night to be picked up for another episode.

It's called the Jon and Jess Variety Hour, even though that's only true if you watch it 20 times, and that wouldn't technically be variety. To my knowledge it's the first time that 102's had two shows tie for fifth place, putting six shows in prime time. Jess tells me I'm wrong, but women aren't good at history, we know this from studies.

Yes, being tied for the bottom spot is an inauspicious beginning, but you don't know the future. I do, but you don't.