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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Channel 102

Jess and Mr. Jon Golbe and I tossed off a 3-minute pilot last week for Channel 102 - it made it into the screening, and got just enough votes last night to be picked up for another episode.

It's called the Jon and Jess Variety Hour, even though that's only true if you watch it 20 times, and that wouldn't technically be variety. To my knowledge it's the first time that 102's had two shows tie for fifth place, putting six shows in prime time. Jess tells me I'm wrong, but women aren't good at history, we know this from studies.

Yes, being tied for the bottom spot is an inauspicious beginning, but you don't know the future. I do, but you don't.


Blogger notjesslane said...


PROFESSOR STREET and I LOVE THE 30s. tied for fifth.

11/07/2006 2:40 PM

Anonymous KK said...

I'm going to assume that once something the caliber of "Dr. Miracles" is outta there, you guys will be GOLDEN.

Just keep telling them Jess and Jon are 13 and everything will be OK. And you will seem like a creepy child exploiter.

11/08/2006 1:00 AM


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