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Thursday, October 12, 2006

bergen street

last month I moved, from crownspect heights (I invented this name and I am certain it will catch on) to boerum hill. I already miss the dirt-cheap bulletproof chinese place across the street that I had 4 or 5 times a week, the boost mobile chimes calling to me when I got off the subway, and the ubiquitous fried chicken.

still a neighborhood that has bars and sit-down restaurants in it is pretty cool. now my life has boat, zaytoons, the brooklyn inn and something called the Nascent, a cafe on my corner that sells very expensive snacks to bizzarely dressed people. in general, an upgrade, though nothing can replace the boost mobile chimes.

here's what the old place looked like on moving day:

josh was already tired from not helping me move

and here's what the new place looked like yesterday:

moose head apparently visible from street, say landlords

but no more on the new apartment, because for that we have a blog. yes virginia, a blog.

my original idea for 236bergen.blogspot.com was to have a public forum for myself, matt and dave to say disparaging things about each other. it'll most likely evolve into something broader than that, though I play to say plenty of devastating things about my roommates no matter what happens.

for instance: did you know that matt considers the people of staten island to be second-class citizens? fact. a true fact. and I could go on, readers - these men are deranged. but i'll save it for the house blog.

oh yes this is going to be very stupid. [oh yes this is going to be very awesome.]


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