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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

google update

let me clarify. before last week, no one had ever actually tried googling "five giant penises" or "maybe ludacris is a carjacker." as far as I know. I came up with all my I'm Feeling Luckys through trial and error. sorry guys. I know you think the world is a wacky place, but it ain't so. (of course, now 5-10 people a day are google searching "whorey prostislut" and "tha dargz." this is gonna catch up with me in a bad way, isn't it.)

BUT. browsing through my hit paths yesterday, I did find that someone googled their way to me with "kim stoltz mtvu" (no quotes). checking it out, I found that I am indeed the #1 match for this, thanks to a comment ben left a month ago. we need to discuss this.

kim, in case you didn't go to college with me, was the first member of the wesleyan class of '05 to break through to the famousphere. this was a huge letdown for me, because I had gotten 3-to-1 odds on max goldblatt, and 7-to-1 on the members of the management, and that's pretty good, so I took them both.

season 5 of america's next top model didn't air until months after graduation. bottom line, I'm out 50 bucks.

anyway, just in case more of you find your way here, I want to disclaim this shit up front. The Laws Have Changed Dot Blogspot Dot Com is not a reliable source of kim stoltz news, gossip or information. try totes umbrellas. wait, they're not a blog anymore. I guess you could try refining your search.


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