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Thursday, June 29, 2006

wrapped up in books

book the first
belle and sebastian tickets got gotted.

net worth: $0

essie blogged from the line.

thanks for the bandwith, microchip café

book the second
five songs yall:

the pipettes - sex
the pipettes' march of destruction continues!!!

lupe fiasco - trials and tribulations
like all rap music, this song is about my life.

jens lekman - a sweet summer's night on hammer hill
critical moments at 0:12, 1:59

barbara morgenstern - the operator
allergy warning- this song may contain german

beirut - scenic world
cuz you're not really a music blogger until you've posted a beirut track

book the third
today's hypothetical cultural mashup turned horrifying reality

A + B = C, where:

A = garden state, "the graduate for our generation" (or more accurately, eternal sunshine for the da vinci code set)

B = crash, my second-favorite cinematic punching bag and the only film of 2005 that had the courage and the social conscience to say "maybe ludacris is a carjacker."

C = THE LAST KISS, starring zach braff (holla!!!!!) and written by paul haggis (yoi YOI!!!!), and featuring SNOW PATROL in the trailer. you cannot make this stuff up.


Blogger Quimby said...

Zach Braff says goodbye...with a kiss.

6/30/2006 12:45 PM

Blogger Ben said...

would you give up everything for rachel bilson?

who am i kidding? totes probs!!!

7/01/2006 3:27 PM


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