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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

more shit that happened to my car

oh baby.

on saturday I was in the berkshires.

dave opened the back window of my car, and it wouldn't close.

garbage-bagging the window wasn't an option. I had to find a place that could fix it.

I found one in lenox. it was saturday, they weren't technincally open - just drinking in the parking lot - but they offered to do it.

they probably weren't even that drunk

they ripped the door panel off.

part of me thought I'd find my game boy in there

the mechanism inside was broken, and unfixable. oh well. we decided we'd just close the window permanently.

but what could we use to prop it up?

oh. what about that piece of wood lying over there.

yeah, why the fuck not.

fountains of wayne - survival car


Blogger Quimby said...

WHOA. This is nigh slander.

I am fully familiar with your car's unfortunate history (and even more unfortunate future), and as such was reluctant about opening the window.

I only did so after you encouraged me to do so, and even then I double-checked with you that it was ok. Assured, I remained careful not to open it more than 1/4 of the way. Apparently this was beyond the point of no-wooden-block.

I did not deign to open the window, even though I really wanted to, because it was hot and your air conditioner doesn't work, and also only the rear speakers work so I was drowned out of the car conversation. Still I didn't open the window because I respect you and your property, and I respect your desire not to dismantle that car and reap what modest sum you can from selling it for scrap mettle. Why? Because I know it has sentimental value for you, and deep down I am a romantic. A romantic who didn't break your car.


7/17/2006 7:08 PM

Blogger adam said...

ok, i'm busted. i simplified (changed) the story to make it seem funnier, and to make me seem smarter. i did indeed tell dave that the window might not close if he opened it, and I did proceed to tell him that he could do it anyway.

but dave, my omission of both those facts also leaves you blameless! I think the way the story is presented here identifies you as the cause, but doesn't put you at fault.

but if i'm wrong, let me put it out there: dave never broke my car. he's a good boy

7/17/2006 10:19 PM


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