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Sunday, August 20, 2006

fives on the couch

brian eno - st elmo's fire
I've been watching adam curtis's power of nightmares, which is sort of a fahrenheit 9/11 for the I-actually-care-about-the-real-social-and-intellectual-roots-of-the-current-world-conflict crowd. it's fantastic and it uses a lot of music from eno's another green world. but not this song, I think cause it has lyrics

whitest boy alive - burning
erlend øye makes sweet but almost debilitatingly mellow music in kings of convenience, and he released a dj album which could have been great if it didn't include "too drunk to fuck," and you really wonder why he didn't actually consider having a real band until now

snowglobe - rainbow
and the sun woooooooon't riiiiiiiiise

mew - the zookeeper's boy
and the award for most misleading first 20 seconds goes to...mew! the zookeeper's boy! mew the zookeeper's boy couldn't be here but they accept this award graciously and consider it a great honor to be chosen by me for this weird thing i just wrote

the mountain goats - woke up new
once had the idea of making a tape where every song would sort of correspond to a different stage of a relationship, and you could trace the story of it through the lyrics. I never actually made it, because all of my friends would have called me gay and beat me up. note to self: email this song back in time because it would make a good closer and because all your friends will eventually call you gay and beat you up anyway

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

this one's for matt nathanson

not the singer

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

lazy blogging

a lot of my friends have jobs. they tell me that music posts are no good to them at work, because for some reason a lot of workplaces don't let you just sit around while you listen to music loudly. anyway here's what I got:

1) almost anything chosen from mcsweeneys.net at random will be worth posting on your blog.
to wit: Popular Musicians If England Had Won the Revolutionary War

2) The Believer looks and reads like a smart person's magazine, but its articles are usually about cool non-smart stuff.
numa numa: The Syncher, Not The Song

3) John Hodgman: [insert name] for our generation? I still like his This American Life pieces better than his hobo names.
i'm a pc: Hodg reads his Phantom Menace essay

4) see #1
really, almost anything: Unaired Commercials Featuring "the Burger King"