out of egypt, into the Great Laugh of Mankind, and i shake the dirt from my sandals as i run

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


five songs!!

morrissey - suedehead (sparks remix)
stripped of detail and content, our memories become pure impression

matthew sweet - evangeline
love song for an evangelical christian. AWESOME?

new order - regret
come on, everyone loves new order! I am on FIRE tonight!

the replacements - seen your video
yes I'm still importing all my old music onto my computer

bloc party - this modern love
just because

listen to music more often! bye

prelude to a return

so there are these Boost Mobile commercials now that basically say this: what if rapper Fat Joe hadn't had Boost Mobile as a child? what would he have done? well, he would never have become a famous rapper.

I saw another one tonight. it says this: what if the drummer for Blink 182 hadn't had Boost Mobile when he was 9? well, he would never have become a drummer. that's what.

what the fuck? what does that even mean?

answer: time travel.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

my stupid phone

yesterday my phone, in a moment of rebellion (and high on drugs, no doubt), erased all my phone numbers. fucker. so today I just want to say to everyone who lists their phone number on facebook, or who's ever sent me a text message: thanks for the text message, or thanks for listing your number on facebook. I appreciate it.

now some things:

- an alarmingly academic and very readable essay on Eminem's ouevre (from the Believer)

- a sigur ros video. yeah, this is pretty much the aryan imagery I picture when I listen to sigur ros.

- two songs from the new belle and sebastian album, which is just so much better than history normally allows sixth albums to be: we are the sleepyheads and to be myself completely

- "jane lloyd", a neat short film I found some weeks ago and forgot to post.

ok, I'm going to go clean 6 feet of snow off my car. goodnight.

Monday, February 06, 2006

just a warning

as I mentioned before, I've been loading all my CDs into my computer for the first time, going backwards alphabetically. I'm into the S bands at this point, and I'm listening to a lot of music I haven't heard in a long time, and I think it's going to take me a long time to blog all this awesomeness out of my system.

For now, though: it's sort of against my rules to reccommend music and not post any samples, but Matthew Sweet's album "Girlfriend" is, as far as I can tell, perfect. use all your resources available to you to, and track down any part of it you can. maybe I'll get some mp3s up soon, but who knows. who knows!!!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT CREATING MYSTERY, ok bye

p.s. gold digger vs. a fifth of beethoven

manohla dargis answers your prayers

Q: Why do so many people think Crash isn't shitty?
A: hey, LA sucks!!!!!! and some other reasons.

and other gems from M to tha Dargz. marry me!

(although according to her, my boy robert elswit isn't necessarily a shoo-in for best cinematography. whatevskis.)

sorry there aren't more mashups yet. wait, who cares?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

gondry watch


wait for it...

five mashups

First: geographically speaking, "mashups" are to "bootlegs" as "soccer" is to "football." I think.

I like the way european DJs parse it better, even though I say "mashup," because "mashup" sounds sort of indiscriminate - for me it evokes the image of Marty McFly Jr watching six tv channels at once in 2015. (the "vs" notation that the titles of mashups usually employ is also misleading, I think, because of the discretion and care it takes to weave two songs together.) if you engage people on this, the Back to the Future scene tends to signify the primary argument against mashups - that they're basically another new-fangled and faddish way to multitask. "What's next!!!" the critics cry, punctuating incorrectly in my mind. "So-called 'mashups' of famous works of art? Isn't this just another..."

Quoting the argument against mashups in its entirety is unnecessary, mostly because I made it up. Admittedly, at ther worst, mashups are actually just that - two songs layered on top of each other, hopefully with the tempo matched up. But at their best, or even at their good, they're more like statements. The best mashups are like, I don't know, carefully constructed essays, and they all begin with the creator having the same realization - Hey, this is sort of like this!!

When Ted Leo plays Maps in the middle of his cover of Since U Been Gone, it's the same basic principle: a) look what I figured out and b) look what I can do. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that's a mashup too, because what are you going to do about it.

anyway, mashups bring me incredible amounts of joy. here are my favorites.

dsico - love will freak us
(joy division / missy elliot)
get your freak on is one of the most frequently mashed-up songs, but this version wins.

go home productions - sexual high
(radiohead / marvin gaye)
#1 most played on my itunes. no shit.

dunproofin' - janet jackson is playing at my house
(lcd soundsystem / janet jackson)
1 + 1 = 3.

freelance hellraiser - a stroke of genius
(the strokes / christina aguilera)
"freelander" is sort of a mashup of "freelance" and "hellraiser", isn't it? still, i didn't make this

loo & placido - dj love affair
(the notwist / curtis mayfield / indeep / daft punk)
i can tell you that daft punk is in this, but you still won't see it coming.

these are all mashups I've had for a while. next time: top five mashups I found on the internet this week.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

what's your excuse?

I got a new computer and I've been making the transition.

yeah, for 2 weeks. what of it?!?

anyway, with a new hard drive and a working CD drive, now begins the task of copying all my CDs into my computer. I'm going backwards alphabetically. I just finished the wrens. next is brian wilson. this. is going to take. forever.

I'm going to go ahead and skip weird al.