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Thursday, December 22, 2005

five songs about the strike

Not really though.

even though I fully intended to be a good new yorker and Blog The Strike, I never got that perfect photo that fully encompassed Strike Chaos. not for lack of trying - I took my camera with me every day this week - but just because I missed all the good shit, mostly since I stayed away from the LIRR madness.

but carpooling was fun! Dave and I picked up a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who needed a ride, and then recruited a random pedestrian to get us over the manhattan bridge. He was a british guy who was in marketing or something and trance DJed on the side. people in new york got relatively nice for like 3 days, it was cool. I took some pictures of the traffic, but I'll spare you those.

speaking of things I intended to blog and then didn't, sorry that there's no end-of-year film or music retrospective. I know you count on me to be a pretentious dick like that. so here's what I got: if you didn't hear/didn't like the Kanye West album, you're a racist, if you didn't see/didn't like the Squid and the Whale, you have no heart, and Illinois isn't overrated - you're...over-gay-ted.


stars - ageless beauty (the most serene republic remix)
so much better than the original, it's not even not funny

clem snide - end of love
best first 48 seconds of any song this year

kanye west - gone
but if you ever switch sides like anakin...

the futureheads - hounds of love
five songs "of love" edition!

jenny lewis and the watson twins - born secular
hey, the most perfect woman in the world has a solo album. neat.

and that's that. I'm going away with my family all next week, and after that it's new years, and then back to work. you know how we do. seacrest out

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the earth is not a cold dead place OR IS IT

this week it went from the cute, snowy kind of winter to the fuck ass freezing kind. old man winter can go eat a knife! let's do bullet points!

- there's a new michel gondry video! and it's for the second-or-maybe-third-best song on the kanye album! and jon brion has a cameo! yay! ...actually wait this is not very good. I guess between the three of them they've probably earned a get out of jail free card? watch it for yourself and disagree with me. please!!

- what the fuck are we going to do if there is a transit strike.

- my new favorite headline! and look, you can just see how much that guy obviously hates the city!

no five songs for you tonight. instead, just imagine me cursing a lot, because that is the true soundtrack of the 15-degree day.

Friday, December 09, 2005


words fail me.

no one thought you would live as long you did, but you beat the odds and showed them all. four years, friend. four beautiful years. everyone said that your scroll wheel was gay, but they were wrong. you weren't gay. i'm not making a value judgment, i'm just saying.

shalom, chaver.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

five songs snow edition

it started to snow last night at 3 am, and stopped around 6. the window in between, when snow in new york still looks pretty, was wonderful.

final fantasy - this is the dream of win and regine
this band is even better than i gave them credit for two posts ago. can I say "band" if it's just one guy?

beulah - waiting for the sunset
tropical, hey tropical, tropical, icey land

nico - these days
I was trying to find a link to the Fountains of Wayne cover of this, which is great, but then I was like, fuck it.

the boy least likely to - be gentle with me
excellent use of glockenspiel, boy least likely to!

of montreal - wraith pinned to the mist and other games
let us pretend that we are in antarctica