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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the earth is not a cold dead place OR IS IT

this week it went from the cute, snowy kind of winter to the fuck ass freezing kind. old man winter can go eat a knife! let's do bullet points!

- there's a new michel gondry video! and it's for the second-or-maybe-third-best song on the kanye album! and jon brion has a cameo! yay! ...actually wait this is not very good. I guess between the three of them they've probably earned a get out of jail free card? watch it for yourself and disagree with me. please!!

- what the fuck are we going to do if there is a transit strike.

- my new favorite headline! and look, you can just see how much that guy obviously hates the city!

no five songs for you tonight. instead, just imagine me cursing a lot, because that is the true soundtrack of the 15-degree day.


Anonymous Katey said...

I'm just going to appreciate the pretty colors and continue writing my paper on Eternal Sunshine.

But seriously. It's kind of a lame concept for a video to begin with, but the dancing lamps and moving toys and things like that are nice touches. Some of the shots you're like 'Yes! More please" and then you get Kanye in that lame hat.

12/15/2005 7:40 PM

Blogger adam said...

what i heard was that they shot it all in one night while Macy's was closed. my guess is they probably did one or two takes of each shot, and i bet gondry couldn't get half the shots he wanted. this kind of incoherence/mediocrity just isn't like him.


12/16/2005 9:19 AM

Blogger Caroline said...

Plus they filmed an episode of "Making the Video" for MTV, which always jacks up the lameness quotient.

12/17/2005 3:02 PM


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