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Friday, November 04, 2005

kickstart, jr.

Have you ever tried to explain the Go! Team to someone? It renders human language useless.

Anyway their show was good.Right on, fist pump guy. Right on.

News: I got a job! More PA work, but what's that you say? I'm working for native english speakers? How now!!!!!!
(i actually got two jobs, one of which doesn't pay, but don't tell my friends. if you are my friend, then the reason i can't hang out on the weekends for a little while is because...it is because i am a batman.)

two songs:
Ben Lee - Float On: Not new, or relevant, or (some might say) even a particularly interesting cover. ok, fine. Why are you being a dick?
Magnetic Fields - Take Ecstacy With Me: Also old. Wait for the chorus.

okay, goodnight america, love adam


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