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Thursday, October 20, 2005

text message revue

recently my soviet computertank of a phone deleted all the text messages i'd saved in it, which was an incredibly sad thing for me. fortunately i took a few pictures of some good ones a few weeks ago. let's do this:

this first one illustrates how much dan stein likes famous people. seriously, that guy loves running into famous people. when he sees a famous person, it's like he turns jewish or something.


Few things are as gratifying as a good T9 error. This was supposed to say "fucker!" and instead ended up saying something almost completely opposite. Duckies, bitch!!!!!!

moving on

remember when that happened? anyway.

i like this text message because it's just one typo letter away from either of two completely different sentiments. i'm still not sure if he wanted me to be raped or not.

rape's not funny! bye


Anonymous Katey said...

I think I told Haley when Rehnquist died. Jesse Young called to break the news.

I actually thought it did say "I hope you were raped on the way home." One day I will send you that very text message.

10/21/2005 9:52 PM

Blogger notjesslane said...


I hope you weren knife-raped on the way home.

10/22/2005 2:07 PM

Blogger Matthew Stephen said...

At least you have septic on your phone.

10/22/2005 8:55 PM

Blogger Daniel Stein said...

holy shit, i'm the famous one now. as for blocking out my phone number, you should have only blocked the last digit, so anyone who really wanted to get in touch with me because of that message could have tried 10 digits if they really wanted to talk to me.

10/29/2005 2:47 PM


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