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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

and i heard em say

Jaaneman was on a night shoot schedule for a few days, but now we're back to day shoots, which means 18-hour days again, which means even less internet time than usual.

I owe you an entry about the New Haven Film Festival, but not tonight. soon. maybe.

today i listened to the belle and sebastian song "slow graffiti" a thousand times. it is the greatest song in the world, i think.

tonight i went to channel 102! in the middle of work. don't tell the indian film industry! it would fire me.

basically this is a livejournal.


Anonymous Meghan said...

what the fuck, adam. you have a blog? and you didn't tell me? quit your LJ hating, you don't whine nearly enough.

9/30/2005 2:48 PM

Blogger Mike said...

bloggy mcblogperson

(yo adam yo adam)

10/01/2005 1:09 PM


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