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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the party's crashing us now

first things first: the 50 states song is what sufjan stevens plays at the beginning of shows.

Did you know that I am working on a Bollywood movie? You did. Here is me at the beginning of the first day of shooting:
I was badass! I was in charge and confident and full of life and if you messed with me i would kick your face!
Then the first day happened, in its full 14-hour glory.
And there you have it. I am starting to think that this blog will be 90% pictures that show how tired I am. Which to me sounds pretty great. Anyway, here's me a few days later:

This is the view from our "production office", which is really just a tiny hotel room:
I have such an awesome sense of composition it kills me. It literally kills me dead! Fuck!

Okay, so in addition to being a white slave on set and driving around Akshay Kumar, I also drive around his wife and his son. This is his son Araav:
Araav and me are tight. he is 3. He thinks my name is "Madam".

This is Araav and Nittin (Akshay's assistant) asleep in the back seat, something I am never allowed to be:
It's really pathetic the way a three-year-old will crack under a 16-hour production schedule. Come on, dude. Cowboy up.

OK. This is me and Amaan, one of the supporting actors in the movie, in the park. He'd never been to New York and "wasn't impressed," so I told him he should go to central park, and he asked me to take him, and since he is the talent I literally am not allowed to say no to anything he asks, so we went.Amaan is a nice guy - just shy of famous, he's down-to-earth enough to spend an afternoon with. But here's the thing that I figured out today: Amaan's character in the movie exists solely to grab women's asses, and then get slapped. I swear. He only appears in scenes where he grabs a stranger's ass, makes an "oo" expression, and gets slapped. wtf bollywood!

OK. I have to be asleep and awake in 3 hours for another day and night of shooting. the next update might include stuff like some pictures of locations where we've shot, or maybe a list of songs you should listen to, and also more anecdotes!

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in conclusion, matt nathanson.


Blogger Brian said...

Your sense of composition is amazing. Can I buy a print?

9/21/2005 10:39 AM

Blogger steve said...

let's get an adam's top 5 on here. come on!

9/26/2005 7:43 PM

Blogger Quimby said...

how bout them thick rimmed glasses, eh?


9/27/2005 10:05 PM


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