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Thursday, October 20, 2005

movie rundown

a history of violence - i remember too little from college to be able to say if this was Hitchcockian or not. still, it was the shit. there is a lot of blood and also a 69ing scene! really. A.

40-year-old virgin - so good. seriously, so good. so much better than wedding crashers, plus it doesn't hate gay people as much. 92%.

wallace and gromit - did you know that this movie is about clay? still, surprisingly engaging. 8.2.

capote - it was very Good (i made that g capital on purpose you guys!), but i thought it was a litttle boring. keep in mind that i am retarded. 3 silver peepees out of 5.

a squid vs the whale - if you were ever a teenage boy you should see this movie. if you were ever a teenage girl, it's 50/50. it depends on...what sort of girl you are. i'm not saying you're necessarily a dyke, but this movie is really really good. a million stars.

everything is illuminated - the actor and douche liev schreiber took a book that i love very much and made it into an inconsequential, self-important movie. was there any way he could have succeeded? no. do i blame him? i blame god!!!! 1.5 stupid liev schreibers out of 5.

good night and good luck - a really good movie that i saw with a couple of indians. they had no idea what was going on. two of them fell asleep. the other one invaded pakistan. i literally could not believe that he did that, invaded pakistan, right in the middle of the film. i was so insulted. david straitham is very good as edward murrow. thumbs up.


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