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Sunday, October 30, 2005

things we did and didn't do

last monday: eugene mirman! he was very funny. after the show I went outside and carl/a.c. newman was standing there! unfortuantely I did not say anything to him or take a picture with him.

the next day i took a picture of a magazine cover to try and compensate. it was a funny idea but it would not ease my piercing regret.
last tuesday: jon brion! When he plays shows (and he almost never does in new york), he does this thing where he has a bunch of instruments on stage and uses a sampler to build up multiple tracks by himself. So, he'll sit at the drums, play for 30 seconds, then he'll stop playing and the sampler loops it so the beat keeps going. Then he does the same thing on the piano, bass, and guitar, and this is how he performs the song. And he takes requests! He played until around 3 am. holy cow.
Possible highlight:
Jon Brion: Okay requests!
Guy in the back: Sail Away!
Jon Brion: You mean the Randy Newman song, right?
Guy in the back: y...yes sure
Jon Brion: Good, because if you meant the Styx song I would have to maim you. [then he records a bizarre vocal aaaahhing sample on a casio keyboard and plays Sail Away under it]

And then he exploded into light!
(this week: the go! team)


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