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Sunday, December 04, 2005

five songs snow edition

it started to snow last night at 3 am, and stopped around 6. the window in between, when snow in new york still looks pretty, was wonderful.

final fantasy - this is the dream of win and regine
this band is even better than i gave them credit for two posts ago. can I say "band" if it's just one guy?

beulah - waiting for the sunset
tropical, hey tropical, tropical, icey land

nico - these days
I was trying to find a link to the Fountains of Wayne cover of this, which is great, but then I was like, fuck it.

the boy least likely to - be gentle with me
excellent use of glockenspiel, boy least likely to!

of montreal - wraith pinned to the mist and other games
let us pretend that we are in antarctica


Blogger adam said...

i posted these songs an hour ago, with a different third song. i'll let you see what happens when you click the link:

future bible heroes - don't you want me
lana and I found this on the jukebox at a bar last night, but we didn't put it on because we'd never heard it and didn't know if it would actually be good or not. a completely unnecessary caution.

so, yeah, apologies to music cherry for stealing tons of bandwith, i guess. i can't not let you hear this song, though, so go here, and the working link is second from the bottom. enjoy, bitchez

12/04/2005 2:29 PM

Blogger steve said...

so, the song title is clearly a reference to the song that gave birth to the postal service...

can you tell us a little bit about that adam?

(this is me throwing you a softball in a backhanded effort to make up for my unnecessary and mean comment on your last post)

12/04/2005 7:56 PM

Blogger Daniel Stein said...

all the songs you are post (and will post) get downloaded and put into one growing itunes playlist called "thanks, adam!"

12/05/2005 12:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, I could totally go for more songs by THE KNIFE!!! THOSE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

12/05/2005 3:59 PM

Blogger adam said...

i'll get you for this, anonymous!!!

12/05/2005 4:08 PM


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