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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

test your knowledge, knowledge face!!!

so you think you are all smart and shit?

then congratulations, smart head, you get to take the Name That Band quiz! it's an excel file. download it here. (right click, save link as, blah blah)

this has kept me occupied for the last 24 hours. i wish this same insanity upon you, because i hate you.

JK!!!!! oh my god, jk.


Anonymous Katey Rich said...

I tried filling this out but stopped because I realized that I am too dumb. But I also realized that being attractive will actually hurt your chances of being in a successful band. Damn, rock stars are ugly!

11/22/2005 9:56 PM

Blogger adam said...

that may be a british thing? I think that most of these bands are british, like the quiz itself.

so i'm stuck at 86. can you find the Fat Boys??

11/23/2005 12:35 AM

Blogger Mike said...

i'm at 79. they should invent some sort of reverse google image search where you put in a picture and you get, umm, a word.

11/23/2005 12:50 PM

Blogger Max said...

this is amazing. is there a way to make the pictures bigger? no...

I'm at 104 after my first pass.

crash test dummies! right said fred!

thank you mr. freelander.

11/23/2005 5:12 PM

Blogger notjesslane said...

i was soooooo happy when i got crash test dummies. other things i am proud of: Semisonic! UB40! Linkin Park! Pulp? T REX!!! Pet Shop Boys, and JACK knowing exactly who Kajagoogoo was.

PS we are up to 133 but I did a little boy band research so that is a little bit cheating. We are TEAM STILL AT WESLEYAN, and thank you for ruining my life.

11/28/2005 12:32 PM

Blogger katie b said...

my dad got the dave clark five, deep purple and pink floyd via telephone description.

when you see jordan schulkin's movie, just remember that anytime my computer isn't in the shot, we were playing this game. will hood got cream!

11/30/2005 12:40 PM


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