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Friday, December 09, 2005


words fail me.

no one thought you would live as long you did, but you beat the odds and showed them all. four years, friend. four beautiful years. everyone said that your scroll wheel was gay, but they were wrong. you weren't gay. i'm not making a value judgment, i'm just saying.

shalom, chaver.


Blogger steve said...

my condolences.

12/10/2005 9:53 PM

Blogger Ben said...

i hope i make an icon like that when i kick the bucket

12/10/2005 10:10 PM

Anonymous Meghan said...

wow. saddest icon evar! seriously. I'm gonna go cry now.

12/11/2005 7:05 PM

Blogger Quimby said...

mine, after a mere 3 years, causes my laptop to freeze up and require restarting and, as such, is forever trapped in the five gigabytes of four months ago, but are you saying that if i've yet to see that icon, might there be hope? might there be?!

still i told my mommy i want the video kind for Hanukah.

12/12/2005 4:07 PM

Blogger Caroline said...

A friend of mine just told me that when his ipod displayed that same incredibly sad face, he rubbed a big magnet on the back of it and it started working again. His had been dead since July, so who knows.

12/14/2005 12:24 AM


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