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Sunday, October 30, 2005

five songs

because i don't have my own webspace to put these on, they're all found links. you should expect them to go dead at any time, and if you want to download them, get on it. ok?


broken social scene - ibi dreams of pavement
well! I! got! shot! right in the neeeeeck

my morning jacket - gideon
another from a very fine cd

the knife - heartbeats
dance, mr. bojangles, dance (said in a whispered voice)

stars - reunion

clap your hands say yeah - details of the war
I couldn't find a link to "let the cool goddess rust away", but this is also awesome

things we did and didn't do

last monday: eugene mirman! he was very funny. after the show I went outside and carl/a.c. newman was standing there! unfortuantely I did not say anything to him or take a picture with him.

the next day i took a picture of a magazine cover to try and compensate. it was a funny idea but it would not ease my piercing regret.
last tuesday: jon brion! When he plays shows (and he almost never does in new york), he does this thing where he has a bunch of instruments on stage and uses a sampler to build up multiple tracks by himself. So, he'll sit at the drums, play for 30 seconds, then he'll stop playing and the sampler loops it so the beat keeps going. Then he does the same thing on the piano, bass, and guitar, and this is how he performs the song. And he takes requests! He played until around 3 am. holy cow.
Possible highlight:
Jon Brion: Okay requests!
Guy in the back: Sail Away!
Jon Brion: You mean the Randy Newman song, right?
Guy in the back: y...yes sure
Jon Brion: Good, because if you meant the Styx song I would have to maim you. [then he records a bizarre vocal aaaahhing sample on a casio keyboard and plays Sail Away under it]

And then he exploded into light!
(this week: the go! team)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

deep in my heart, that's where the knot comes loose

my morning jacket - knot comes loose

Thursday, October 20, 2005

text message revue

recently my soviet computertank of a phone deleted all the text messages i'd saved in it, which was an incredibly sad thing for me. fortunately i took a few pictures of some good ones a few weeks ago. let's do this:

this first one illustrates how much dan stein likes famous people. seriously, that guy loves running into famous people. when he sees a famous person, it's like he turns jewish or something.


Few things are as gratifying as a good T9 error. This was supposed to say "fucker!" and instead ended up saying something almost completely opposite. Duckies, bitch!!!!!!

moving on

remember when that happened? anyway.

i like this text message because it's just one typo letter away from either of two completely different sentiments. i'm still not sure if he wanted me to be raped or not.

rape's not funny! bye

movie rundown

a history of violence - i remember too little from college to be able to say if this was Hitchcockian or not. still, it was the shit. there is a lot of blood and also a 69ing scene! really. A.

40-year-old virgin - so good. seriously, so good. so much better than wedding crashers, plus it doesn't hate gay people as much. 92%.

wallace and gromit - did you know that this movie is about clay? still, surprisingly engaging. 8.2.

capote - it was very Good (i made that g capital on purpose you guys!), but i thought it was a litttle boring. keep in mind that i am retarded. 3 silver peepees out of 5.

a squid vs the whale - if you were ever a teenage boy you should see this movie. if you were ever a teenage girl, it's 50/50. it depends on...what sort of girl you are. i'm not saying you're necessarily a dyke, but this movie is really really good. a million stars.

everything is illuminated - the actor and douche liev schreiber took a book that i love very much and made it into an inconsequential, self-important movie. was there any way he could have succeeded? no. do i blame him? i blame god!!!! 1.5 stupid liev schreibers out of 5.

good night and good luck - a really good movie that i saw with a couple of indians. they had no idea what was going on. two of them fell asleep. the other one invaded pakistan. i literally could not believe that he did that, invaded pakistan, right in the middle of the film. i was so insulted. david straitham is very good as edward murrow. thumbs up.

dancers in front of the manhattan bridge

this is from some 3 weeks ago, when the shoot was still happening, but it is wonderful.

i apologize for not posting

look, i'm sorry.