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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

cold hands, warm heart

I know I've posted some average music videos in the past. That will not be the case today! I swear to you.

death cab - crooked teeth
during the three-and-a-half minutes of this video, it's okay to like death cab for cutie again. a lot. directed by Rob Schrab, visionary behind countless awesome things (Heat Vision and Jack, Twigger's Holiday, etc)

the thrills - the irish keep gate-crashing
turns out that waverly films, the brooklyn group behind Puppet Rapist (now #1 at channel 102) is a pretty prolific collective. this might be my favorite thrills song. oh, speaking of waverly,

brendan benson - cold hands (warm heart)
awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. (directed by the star of puppet rapist!)

the pipettes - your kisses are wasted on me
the video is good, but mostly it's a trick to get you to listen to the song. I wish I didn't have to trick you. make sure you watch past the 40 second mark!

five songs coming in like 20 minutes.


Blogger notjesslane said...

okay all of those videos were adorable. even the one where all the stick figures died. the end of the thrills one was like oH SHIT LOOK WHAT THEY DID. Also I am a retard for not having heard that pipettes song before. Lets make adorable music videos together, you and me.

3/23/2006 2:20 AM

Blogger Joe John said...

The Pipettes! GOD I LOVE THEM.

3/26/2006 3:38 PM


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