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Monday, December 11, 2006


Without further adids:


Herbert - Scale

Our adventure begins here, inside the brain of a white British dude making dance music. An unlikely place, although as you'll see as the list goes on, maybe not so much.

The lyrics on this album are all about war, religion, apocalypse, that sort of thing. And after listening to this album twenty times, I ultimately learned that by reading a review of it. I was surprised - mostly because this is basically a disco album. I guess I wasn't really paying attention.

And truthfully, if someone had dropped the D-word to me about this album before I'd bought it, I definitely wouldn't have. Listen, I'm an American, I didn't grow up blind. Fuck disco. We don't like disco for the same reasons we don't like Betamax. Because Shut up. Because History.

But I am here to save your mind and your brain from history. I mean Herbert is here to save your mind and your brain from history, is what I mean. Not that this album will convince you to finally start pretending to like "Ring My Bell" as much as, well, your roommate does (sorry matt baer).

BUT - the brilliance of this album is that I can't figure out a way to describe why I like it (ironically, this makes it an exceedingly poor choice for the beginning of this countdown). All the facts point to No, get this off of here and bump the Decemberists up to #10. But fuck yall. I'm going to listen to a chick singing jazz vocals over orchestra samples and white-man beats and there's nothing you can do about it, aside from make me feel ashamed. Which you actually have a good shot at.

Download: Moving Like A Train

(or you could buy it.)


Anonymous Jeff said...

Nice choice. And that song grooves!

12/11/2006 1:21 PM


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