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Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes

I want to start with a short film.

A lot of critics aren't buying the Pipettes. It's fucking derivative, they say, and it's an act, it's not sincere, and musically it's just not impressive. I'm looking at you (again), Chris Ott. Still, I think you and your nayspitters make a valid point - this is probably not the best band ever.

But watch that video again. No fuck it, go to youtube yourself and find another video. Now listen. You're honestly going to sit there and rail on three British girls in polka dots for not being Grizzly Bear? I mean, you can, but do you know what you sound like? You sound kind of like me, at the ninth grade dance, choosing to stay at my table instead of dancing with everyone else, "because N Sync sucks, and they're shitty, and they're untalented and I hate them."

Here's the thing, haters: I was wrong about N Sync. They were fucking great. And I can admit that, because I know that history is and always will be on the side of good pop music. So swallow your pride, critical indie establishment. Buy into the charade for a change, it'll do you good.

The bottom line is that the Pipettes' music does hold up to scrutiny - it's no more derivative than Fountains of Wayne's assembly-line pop, and certainly no less enjoyable. And it's girls, in polka dots. I'm just, I'm speechless, still, after all this time.

Download: Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me

buy it.

and come back tomorrow for #6, ok?


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